New Website

For anyone who happens to have visited, you’d have noticed there was no website to represent Edubrink and instead redirected to the youtube channel, or more recently was just a landing page.

Well, that’s all changed from this point forward.  I’ve started to map out the site and will be adding more content progressively over time.  Many of the menu items are placeholders at this point and may or may not get content soon, so if you have any suggestions or requests for video content then post a comment.

This may take a little while, so in the short term head directly over to the youtube channel for the videos.

Computer Networking 101

Computer networking 101 is aimed for audiences that have no prior networking knowledge.  This stuff is basic so if you know what an IP address is and how to configure a NIC these aren’t for you.

VMware Horizon 7

Started a series on VMware’s Horizon 7.0 a little while ago.

The series will continue as time permits.  My lab environment has been changed a bit and I will need to rebuild these lab servers to finish it off.  Comment if you’re someone who REALLY wants it done and I can prioritize it.

Introduction to Virtualization with VMware

Linked my old Introduction to Virtualization with VMware video series.  This series was for vSphere 5.1, but much of the content still applies (at least conceptually).